POLICY : Quality Control

SHOWA group stably supplies gloves made with industry-leading quality to users all around the world.

We, SHOWA, believe it is essential to maintain and improve product quality in order to fulfill our mission of stably supplying products that are valuable from customers' standpoint.

To ensure that various customers in the world safely use our 2,000 types of gloves that vary in use and material, we are taking production and quality control measures that meet global standards, including acquisition of the ISO 9001 certificate.

High-quality gloves produced based on ISO9001


The ISO certificate plays a considerable role in our quality assurance measures. We have obtained the ISO9001 international certificate for product quality control systems in 2002, which is now applied to our entire production process from designing to development and manufacturing.

We deliver gloves that have passed inspections based on the clear criteria, and it is consistent with our basic philosophy: Contributing to society by providing people around the world with safety and a sense of security through gloves. Our efforts to improve our service quality will continue and further expand after the acquisition of the ISO certificate.

State-of-the-art automated production lines realize stable glove supply

Vietnam (Binh Duong)

We have three factories in the world. The Nibuno factory in Himeji-shi is a completely automated factory. The Malaysia factory is one of the largest glove factories in the world. The Vietnam factory has started full-scale operation in 2005.

With these factories, we became one of the first in the industry to realize factory automation and 24-hour operation of glove factories, and, with these factories, we can stably produce and supply high-quality gloves under strict production process control.

We, as a manufacturer that places great importance on originality, use production lines that we have developed internally. To further raise production efficiency, the Malaysia factory has introduced state-of-the-art industrial robots that we have developed with our original technologies.

Pursuing materials safe to skin

The glove directly touches the skin. That is why we not only pursue usability and functionality of gloves but also pay great attention to their safety to the skin by regulating and reducing hazardous materials and chemical substances.

We check safety of materials by collecting information from the governments of Japan, the United States and Europe and universities and research institutes in those countries, as well as by conducting analysis of materials at our R&D Center.

To provide gloves that everyone can use safely, we are making our best efforts to remove legally regulated chemical substances, reduce gloves' skin irritancy and remove allergic substances.

For standardization of product quality criteria

For better product quality control, we, as a dedicated glove manufacturer, have adopted international criteria based on the ISO22613 international glove specifications (general test methods and performance requirements for hand-protection gloves) as our internal product quality criteria.

We are encouraging other glove manufacturers to adopt the criteria to promote standardization of product quality criteria from consumers' standpoint.

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