POLICY : Research & Development

Creativity, "3-G" principle - "Go on location," "Get involved in job-site realities" and "Get a hold of what's going on", and state-of-the-art facilities put user needs into reality

Areas of our research and development activities range from materials such as textiles and synthetic resins to composition and processing, hand patterns and production technologies and facilities such as knitting machines and dipping machines.

Through our collective abilities and optimization of outcomes of these research and development activities, we are making our best to develop products that meet customer needs by creating new values.

Development of gloves with emphasis on originality

Since the foundation of SHOWA, we have never imitated competitions. As a glove manufacturer, we are proud of it. This is why we internally design and develop everything from hand patterns to manufacturing facilities and produce gloves that have new values. For example, latex palm coated "Grip®" a long-seller item developed in 1994.

We are also the first in the world to develop flock lined thick PVC glove, which is now widely used by many users. We will attach greater importance to originality to keep producing gloves with the best quality and functions.

World's largest glove R&D center

The R&D (research and development) Center is our new research and development base that unifies management of marketing information of the world at its facilities in Himeji-shi, Hyogo-ken, and Penang, Malaysia. Our studious staffs based in the R&D Center, which is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, visit our factories in Japan, Malaysia and Vietnam to research new materials and develop new functions.

The R&D Center has its facilities not only in Japan but also overseas, thereby better responding to various needs of many countries. We research and develop gloves that are suitable to the situations of glove usage in each country such as climate and environmental conditions.

Development of products based on "3-G" principle

To deliver satisfaction and sense of security to workers through our gloves, various opinions and feedbacks from people who work wearing gloves contribute greatly to our product development activities.

Because they include important factors such as usability and workability of gloves that cannot be expressed by numerical data, we set great value to their opinions and develop gloves from workers' standpoint. This is where we start to develop ideal gloves.

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