Static Electricity

Even a small amount of static electricity can trigger a large scale disaster or accident. Fires and explosions are often caused by a small spark. Static can also adversely affect quality of semiconductor circuits. Reduce the likelihood of these occurrences by using our antistatic gloves.
Showa Gloves help prevent static electricity problems.

Cut Wounds

Many cut injuries occur due to workers carelessness and failure to follow proper safety procedures. Often times this type of hand injury will be classified as "major". Simple rules outlining proper standards for handling sharp objects and the use of good quality cut resistant gloves can significantly reduce this risk.
Showa Gloves provide excellent protection from sharp edges and cutters.

Perspiration, odor, stains and fingertip discomfort

Poor glove choices can cause many problems. For example, worker discomfort can be caused by perspiration and smell. Also, the rate of product defects can increase due to stained gloves. Further, worker performance and efficiency will deteriorate with poor fitting gloves or gloves with little flexibility. Showa gloves can alleviate all of these problems.

Cold Condition

Most of the cases, we only can found the hand frostbitten by low temperature when the time has passed. On the other hand, existing cold resistant gloves can not provide a good dexterity due to warm keeping. Our cold resistant gloves solve these problems by having served as functionality and dexterity.

Manipulation and Handling

Do you feel fatigue from sliding when you carry or pick-up something? Did you hurt by falling when you carry something? We offer the glove with superior gripping and dexterity to reduce the manual fatigue and injury, improve the productivity and provide the protection for hand friction.

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