PU (Polyurethane)

A synthetic material that is similar to latex and displays exceptional physical properties. It is not only resistant to wear, abrasion and tearing, but also to aggressive chemicals and oils, without softening in the heat or hardening in the cold. This microporous and highly elastic material helps make the glove more comfortable while ventilating the hand and adapting to each of its movements.

NR (Natural rubber, Latex)

Natural rubber tapped from the hevea tree. Supple, elastic, robust and impermeable to water, alcohols and detergents, it provides an excellent barrier against cuts and perforations.

NBR (Nitrile rubber)

Very supple synthetic latex.This material repels all types of oil, grease and hydrocarbon, is resistant to chemicals, acids and noncetonic solvents and offers effective protection against abrasion and puncturing. It is practically insensitive to heat and makes gripping objects easier.

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